What is the Difference Between Cleaning a Carpet & an Area Rug in Pasadena, CA? Methods & More

Most people look at their dirty area rug and assume they can clean it much like they do their carpets. This is why most people will not clean their rug but damage it instead. Yes, they require their own method of cleaning. Crown City Carpet Cleaning will explain a little deeper as to how an area rug should be cleaned and why you shouldn’t clean your rugs like carpet.

How Carpets & Area Rugs are Made

Many of our homes today will have a rug such as Persian or Oriental rugs which neither should ever be cleaned like you would your carpet. Why you wonder? Well, wall to wall carpet is made much more differently. Large machines that use synthetic materials can make 15 feet of carpet every minute. In addition, carpets use strong adhesives and plastic for the backing to help reinforce and strengthen the carpet. Because of the types of material used and the under design of the backing of carpet, steam or chem-dry cleaners can be used to clean the carpet without damaging it. Most area rugs, especially those that are hand knotted, are entirely made by hand and from more natural materials. Therefore, keep in mind, they are not synthetic. A Persian or Oriental rug can take from a month to two years to make. Most Oriental rugs are made mostly from wool added with a fiber blend. Additionally area rugs are held together with their own tightly woven fiber with no added strengtheners such as adhesives. This means that in order to completely clean the rug, you will not only need to clean the top, but you must flip it over and clean the bottom as well. Area rugs are also often made form natural cloth or fibers such as silk, cotton, and jute. You must know which fabric was used to create your rug and then find the right type of cleaning method and cleaning agent you can use to clean it without damaging it. By using abrasive machinery and incorrect cleaners, you can permanently damage your area rug.

DIY vs Professional Area Rug Cleaning

It is recommended that you regularly vacuum and spot clean the stains as the rugs need them. However, for the best care or proper cleaning, there is always the professional rug cleaning companies. If you have never cleaned, or are unsure of how to properly clean an area rug, it never hurts to reach out to those with experience and the knowledge to properly get the job done. For those who wish to take the chance, make sure to read the label or tag as to what the rug is made of and what is the recommended cleaning agent to use on your rug. Some may not supply you with every little detail on how to properly clean the rug. Remember each rug is made differently and have there own blend of materials. Look at the tag for the material makeup of your rug and then do some research on how to properly clean that blend of fabrics. See what the professionals recommend.

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If you find the task a bit overwhelming, or you find you lack the time or ability, you can always reach out to Crown City Carpet Cleaning. we can properly clean your area rugs. Call us today to schedule your area rug cleaning and other cleaning and restoration services.

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